“Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”

Many of us perceive life as something that needs resolution. There are others who might live life in automation, rarely pausing to think, feel and act intentionally. If life can be seen as a ship sailing the vast oceans, intent Psychotherapy acts as an anchor- to pause, reflect, and introspect.

At intent psychotherapy, we believe that an individual’s existence is enough reason to be worthy of warmth, compassion and love.

We see how an individual is part of different systems they are part of- family, friends, partner(s), and work. Many different systems influence our lived experiences. At the same time, we acknowledge that a person is more than the roles they play, work they have and the relationships they are a part of.

Thereby, the approach we adopt is holistic. Therapy is seen as a nuanced, intricate process- much like knitting a sweater, the process takes time, but the result leaves us with warmth and comfort.

Therapy can be scary at first, can make you feel anxious. It is natural to wonder if your therapist will understand your issues, where you come from and what bothers you. It is the therapist’s job to make sure you feel safe and heard in the therapeutic space. At Intent Psychotherapy, we believe that safe spaces are created. Both the therapist and client work together to curate a space that is conducive for the client’s growth and progress. Any anxiety, worry or concern that the client brings into therapy is addressed, and the pace of therapy is decided collaboratively.

We do not look at individuals as patients that require treatment. We look at individuals as humans who are part of different systems, and their reality can only be understand within greater psycho-social context. We look at therapy as an intervening force that can help clients understand themselves better, extend warmth, and grow. Therapy, if anything, is a journey and the process is rarely linear. Intent psychotherapy strives to be a space where one can navigate their personal journey safely and holistically.