“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”

About Me

Hello! I am Manish Shekhar Dasgupta. I have a MSc. In Counselling Psychology from Christ University, Bangalore.

I believe in the power of vulnerability- it has the potential to act as a catalyst for growth. Therapy is a collaborative journey where we will focus on understanding you and your needs. I look at the process of therapy like driving a car- it takes time for us to familiarize ourselves with it, and the journey is never linear. I trust that we can navigate this journey- together and successfully.

I am a Queer Affirmative, Humanistic- Existential therapist. I also adopt contemporary principles of Psychodynamic Therapy. I work to understand an individual’s core emotions and how they guide our everyday life. My intention is to understand a person holistically- focus on various aspects of their life that make them whole.

I operate from a social justice lens, and believe in the truth that mental is politicalIntersectionality helps understand nuance and I see individuals are part of varying systems & structures. 

Apart from being a therapist, I teach part-time. I also enjoying reading, watching films and plays. I particularly enjoy the outdoors- the mountains and skies, all the more if I am in the driver’s seat.

I offer my presence, curiosity, vulnerability, and willingness to learn/change with clients I work with.

I intend to provide a space that empowers individuals, to explore themselves, and move them to be an agent of warmth for themselves.

Educational Background

  • Masters of Sciences in Counselling Psychology, Christ University, Bangalore (2020)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce, University of Mumbai (2018)

Further Qualifications

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Attachment Theory, International Attachment Network, UK (2021)
  • Certificate course in Queer Affirmative Counselling Practice, Mariwala Health Initiative, India (2022) 

Continued Personal Development

  • Discovering the Wisdom of Trauma, A 4-day online retreat by Dr. Gabor Mate & Betsy Polatin, MFA: Science & Non-duality, Canada

Professional memberships

  •  Executive Committee member at International Attachment Network, India.