"all i know is that i know nothing"

1. What is therapy?

Therapy as a process aims at providing a companion and a safe space for their client on their journey of self-exploration and healing. It helps one gain clarity about their life situation, understand themselves and their values better, process difficult emotions, make behavioural changes and experience catharsis by uninhibited expression of emotions

2. Do I need therapy?

Therapy aims at providing a safe, accepting and non-judgemental space for clients to explore themselves, process difficult emotions and traumatic life experiences, improve interpersonal relationships, learn positive coping skills, grow and self-actualise. If you find yourself seeking any or all of this, you could seek out professional help.

3. How do i make a booking?

A session can be booked via WhatsApp or through email. A pre-session call will be done where you can ask me any questions/queries that you may have about me or the process of therapy.

Booking is confirmed once 50% of the session fees is paid.

4. How long is a session for?

A session is for an hour (60 minutes). Sessions begin at designated time. That is, if a session is scheduled for 4pm, it will begin at 4pm. 

5. what if i am late for the session?

If you are running late, please inform the therapist. However, the session time cannot be extended beyond the designated hour. 

6. What if i want to cancel or reschedule?

For cancellation and rescheduling, please inform at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to which 50% of fees will be retained. 

7. What if i fail to show up for the session?

If you take 15 minutes beyond the scheduled time to show up for the session and have not informed the therapist about the same, it will be treated as a no-show. There are no exceptions to this and you would have to book again.

8. What if there is an emergency few hours prior to the session?

If there is an emergency (involving but not limited to medical or family etc.) please inform the therapist. Exceptions can be made about the cancellation charge in such a scenario.